Fuels are sources of energy and are classified according to the different attributes. According to the fuel state are known solid state, liquid state and gaseous state fuels. According to the utilization of fuels there are energy and motor fuels. According to the origin there are fossil fuels and renewable fuels. The fossil fuels are oil, coal and natural gas. These are non-renewable fuels originated million years ago and their reserves wind down according to measure.

Renewable resources

Renewable power sources are able to regenerate. There are solar energy, waterpower and sea power, wind energy and power made out of biomass, i. e. different sorts of plant and animal products, such as wood, corn, vegetable oils, animal fats, agricultural and grocery waste. Just the biomass-based fuels.

Oleo Chemical a.s.

The incorporated company OLEO CHEMICAL, a.s. started at July 19, 2004. The main activity of the company are production and sale of Bio-fuels (FAME) in own work place in Liberec. The integral part of its business is purchase and sale of fuels – especially motor petrol and motor oil and chemicals related to FAME production. The main sale territories of the company are in particular EU countries.

The OLEO CHEMICAL, a.s. is the all-Czech company with the obvious strategy, mission and conception.

The company mission statement

OLEO CHEMICAL, a. s. endeavors to carry a long-term profitable, responsible business in field of chemical production of bio-fuels and services. The company seeks to economize and increase profitability of its activities all the time with a view to prevail against the hard European competition. By carrying of all activities is the company aware of its responsibility towards the stock-holders, business partners and its employees. 

The main mission of the company is to offer good-quality products, services and reliability by using the established managing system ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

OLEO CHEMICAL, a. s. takes care of its customers permanently. The company seeks especially to satisfy all of their demands by development of new products and innovation of the existing ones. On the other side the company poses high the claims on its suppliers and other business partners.

OLEO CHEMICAL, a. s. provides to its employees work prosperity, possibility of personal development, appropriate salary and good working environment. At the other site the company requests from its staff the most high work quality, responsibility and loyalty.



Manufactory Liberec:


    Kociánova 12/563, 460 06 Liberec 6

    Phone: + 420 488 058 400

    Fax:      + 420 488 058 450

    e-mail:   info@oleo-chemical.cz

    Entrance for truck transport:

    15°03´57“ E, 50°44´36“ N


Invoicing address:


    Holušická 2221/3

    148 00 Praha 4

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